South Florida Bucket List

CapeRomanoDomeCape Ramano

Fort Myers

On the southern tip of Marco Island at Cape Romano are a set of mysterious dome structures slowly sinking into the sea. Originally a unique construction project, the domes served as a house, but over time the shoreline has been eroded and the buildings find themselves slowly submitting themselves to Mother Nature. Cape Romano also provides fantastic opportunities to go shelling. Explore and find those unique shells to take home and show off. A perfect day out and fun for all.

nixon-beach-sandbar-popular-yacht-destinations3Nixon Sandar


Nixon’s cove sandbar just south of Miami is a perfect spot to party on a yacht. Just grab your shades, preferred beverage, and a couple of friends to have a fun filled day at the Key Biscayne Sandbar. On your way to the sandbar, you will enjoy the marvelous sights of the many Miami mansions and luxurious homes of the very rich and famous. You could take a dip in the water at the Monument island, jet ski around the bay, or get a workout on your kayak.

Tampa_Boat_Rental_1Egmont Key


Located at the mouth or entrance to Tampa Bay, Egmont Key Wildlife Refuge protects a diverse community of animals and plants, a lot of which are endangered or threatened. This makes visiting the wildlife refuge a unique and unforgettable experience because of the number of very rare and strange creatures you will encounter. Gulls, hawks, eagles, and other birds perch on the silent batteries while Gopher Tortoises and Box Turtles traverse the carriage roads. Egmont key resides quietly amid the sounds of wildlife.

shark-665497_960_720Pompano Beach Fishing

Fort Lauderdale

Some of the best shark fishing anywhere on the eastern seaboard of the United States can be found here. You can set out off the coast about half a mile or two to catch a large variety of sharks. Even though the best time of the year to catch sharks is from February to August, you can still fish for sharks all year round. Some of the real monsters are found along Pompano Beach from 300lb Black Tips to 12ft Hammerheads. Shark fishing is absolutely thrilling but needs some degree of expertise to be done safely. Take precautions, go with someone who has experience and who is familiar with all the equipment and you will have yourself a wonderful experience.

Daytona_Beach_boat_rentalBandshell Concerts

Daytona Beach

The Bandshell hosts free concerts throughout the summer featuring a mix of genres from Jazz, Big Band, Folk, and much more. The 5000 capacity venue is outdoors and is perfect to enjoy the sun with a culturally rich afternoon listening to local music. With it overlooking the Atlantic Ocean you are never far away from the sea breeze which only adds to the beauty and relaxing nature of the location.

airboat-939964_960_720Airboat Ride


Airboating through the swamp in Orlando will be a wild adventure to experience when you are in Florida. Enjoy the beautiful St. Johns river in Orlando by airboat. Airboating is more than just transporting through the swamps, it is a safe haven and portal into and out of a dangerous environment. From the shriek of eagles, to the sight of a family of raccoons, to the hum of crickets and mosquitoes, hissing of the alligators, and hooting of owls, you are going to encounter all sorts of different animals as you slide by the swamp in your air propelled sled.


miami-1198921_960_720Biscayne Bay


Located on the Atlantic coast of South Florida, Biscayne Bay is a fantastic choice for a smooth yacht party and cruise. Occupying a stretch of more than 35 miles, you can spend the whole day on the water having a scintillating boat party and never getting bored of the nice view, the bridges, the canals, and the beautiful real estate around the bay. Starting your cruise from the Miami Beach barrier island is a fantastic idea then move along to the central bay which is the largest part of the bay and end the trip on the south bay where the water is at its freshest.

Tampa_Boat_Rental_3Tampa Bay Wakeboarding


Wakeboarding incorporates techniques from sports like water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing Even though the most popular locations for waterboarding are freshwater lakes, wakeboarding in Tampa Bay is usually a wonderful experience. For a great session of wakeboarding all you need to bring is a good spirit, sunscreen, hat, towel, snacks, and beverage.

surfer-1209180_960_720Dania Beach Surfing

Fort Lauderdale

Dania Beach is one of the top destinations to learn the ropes for surfing. It is perfect because South Florida has a safe flat-water area with little waves and lots of beach parking and showers. You can anchor your boat and take advantage of the warm weather and the little waves to go surfing. The local pier is open 24 hours 7 days a week with plenty of snacks, bait, and entertainment.

sanibel-island-192765_960_720Sanibel Island

Fort Myers

Sanibel Island is a tropical utopia. With soft white sand, clear blue water, and coconut palm trees stretching tall, the island is a thing of beauty. Don’t forget to pack a bucket and shovel as the island is ideally situated to capture many shells washed ashore from the Gulf of Mexico. There is a reason people travel all over the world to shell here, and it’s to capture the vast range of colorful shells that serve as an amazing memento from your vacation.

water-sofa-188920_960_720Lake Jesup Tubing


As long as you are not a child under 4 years or less than 42 inches tall then tubing is a good choice when you are on Lake Jesup. Tubing on Lake Jesup in one of the most fun and thrilling watersports in Central Florida. Being pulled behind a boat on top of a bouncy inner tube is some of the best summer fun you can have on the water anywhere. The tubes are easy to ride, safe, and can accommodate single or multiple riders.