Introducing 3D printed, fully operational rental yachts on Boatbound

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Boatbound sets a course to reverse rising sea levels with the invention of world’s first 3D printed, fully operational rental yachts.

April 1, 2016 – Seattle, WA – Today, Boatbound, the largest “pier-to-pier” boat rental marketplace has pulled the curtain back on a top secret project to reverse rising sea levels created by heavy boats worldwide. The technology was announced today alongside boat manufacturers and industry partners and has led to the successful creation of the world’s first 3D printed, fully operational “tiny yacht”, and is now available to rent on Boatbound.

Over the last three years, engineers at Boatbound X have perfected a process that uses a combination of nanotechnology and 3D printing, to create an exact, working replica of any boat. This reduction in size means less gas, less pollution, and something even more important according to Boatbound Founder and CEO, Aaron Hall. “This technology could quite possibly could save the planet. With oceans rising, reducing the gross tonnage means less displacement from these huge yachts, which will slow rising sea levels worldwide, possibly even saving cities like Miami who are at risk of massive flooding.”

As part of the unveiling, Boatbound has opened up limited booking dates on the world’s first tiny yacht for a short time. Based off a 72 foot Super Yacht, the boat now has been fully replicated in a much smaller, earth friendly version. “This Mini Super Luxury Yacht, codenamed MiSLY, has all the bells and whistles of it’s bigger sister, but at 1/100th the guilt. Traditionally this yacht would hold over 1,500 gallons of fuel, but now only takes 150 milliliters to fill the tank,” said Shawn Covell, the lead engineer on the project.

A year removed from offering the first virtual boating experience, today’s announcement is already making waves, albeit tiny waves in the global warming science and boating communities. “Taking boating virtual was the just the beginning. Thanks to our the team at Boatbound X, these new tiny yachts will allow every hundredaire on the planet a way to cruise our oceans in luxury while at the same time, helping to save the earth” said Hall.

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