Baker and Stewart both had to deal with the heartbreak of

related website replica hermes Team triumph: Tasmanian cyclists Lauren Perry, Georgia Baker, Macey Stewart and Amy Cure celebrate their team pursuit win at the 2014 track national championships.In the two years since claiming historic back to back national team pursuit titles, four Tasmanian cyclists have suffered enough slings and arrows of outrageous fortune to make even Hamlet question his mortality.Crashes, bereavements and illness have embodied the heartache and thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.”I’ve told them: we’re getting the band back together.”The Blues Brothers fan is Matthew Gilmore and the cyclists are Amy Cure, Georgia Baker, Macey Stewart and Lauren Perry.Together they won the 2014 and ’15 Australian women’s team pursuit titles a significant achievement for a state the size of Tasmania to outgun the populous mainland states in a team event.Individually, all four had been multiple junior world champions. Collectively, they demonstrated the strength and depth of Tasmanian women’s cycling, following the likes of Louise Yaxley and Row Fry and inspiring the likes of Madeleine Fasnacht and Anya Louw.Since those 2015 national track titles, the quartet’s career paths have taken vastly different directions, fully justifying the cliched comparison with a roller coaster ride.”I’ve told them: we’re getting the band back together.”Tasmanian Institute of Sport cycling coach Matthew GilmoreWhile Perry and Stewart took extended breaks from the sport, Cure and Baker forced their way into the Olympic Games, only to see their campaign derailed by a high speed training crash on the eve of competition in Rio de Janeiro.Baker and Stewart both had to deal with the heartbreak of losing their fathers (Patrick and John respectively) while Cure and Perry’s dads (Graeme and Jamie) continued to support their daughters’ riding careers through officiating and coaching roles.”Cycling is now not the only thing in my life,” said the Launceston 21 year old. “But I also began to realise how much I was missing it.”After a series of heart scares, Baker was eventually diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia, or abnormal heart rate, which required a major three hour operation to correct.”I feel the worst has happened and I can only move forward so I’m looking forward to the next few years riding my bike,” said the Perth 22 year old, who also crashed heavily at the Launceston Carnival last December. replica hermes

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