A New Boatbound

Today we’ve launched an all new Boatbound.

With nearly 12,000 boats listed across the US, living the #ahoylife is easier than ever. Regardless of your boating experience, occasion, location, or budget, we can’t wait for you to plan your next adventure on Boatbound.

So what’s new? A lot. Here’s a list of the major updates.

Look & Feel

The first thing you’ll notice is a brand new look. With bigger images, more story telling, the new Boatbound is designed to make navigating the site easier and a more beautiful experience.

Navigation Menus

Boatbound’s navigation menus are totally overhauled. We consolidated a number of sections so you can navigate your way around the site much easier.


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.51.51 AM


We’ve created a new way to help get people to the right boat. We now ask renters key questions (number of people, captained or not, date if one is in mind) all designed to help get them to the right boat in the least amount of time.



For owners this means that the most applicable boats are seen first and you’ll likely field less inquires for people looking for something that your boat can’t accommodate.

Search Results

We now showcase boat information that renters ask about most (captain incl. etc) prominently. We’ve renamed “bareboat” to “no captain” to make it easier for everyone to understand. If your boat has a captain option, you’ll see “captain optional”.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.55.16 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.55.30 AM

Mandatory Account Set Up

We’ve changed the way renters make booking requests. Before they can message you or create a booking they’ll need to add their birthday, home port, cell phone number, and a photo. This is a major enhancement to trust and safety that is just the start. Over the course of the next few months we’ll also be upgrading boater resumes with skills, certifications, and licenses, so experienced boaters can showcase their abilities and rent easier.

Mandatory Renter Verification

Before you can message or book a boat without a captain, you will now need to complete our Renter Verification.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.03.10 AM

For owners this will:

  • Make sure a renter is eligible to rent before a request is submitted
  • Remove those weird situations where an owner couldn’t pre-approve or approve bc they were waiting for the renter to be verified.
  • Set’s clear expectation for renters that renting without a captain requires experience.

Reorganized Boat Profiles

We’ve reorganized all boat profiles to feature a bigger image and better organize the information most important to potential renters. Part of selling the experience is having big, beautiful images, and owners that have small photos will want to upgrade their photos to make their profile sizzle!

boat profile


Here are the highlights:

  • The key info that renters frequently ask about is not up top
  • Package picker now includes the number of guests so they can get an estimate of per person pricing.

package picker


  • More obvious choice between Captain or no Captain
  • Messaging owners has now moved to their profile section of the boat listing.

message owner


  • We’ve re-organized the description section.
  • Owners can now add a quick summary, boat rules, and local recommendations.

boat details

  • We’ve added a nice big map so renters can view the local area around your boat for easy planning.


  • We’ve updated the layout of the reviews to display more information and load faster!


Check Out

We’ve updated the checkout page so its quicker and easier to use from a desktop or from your phone. Prices, fees, an discounts are now laid out clearer and you no longer have to enter your birthday or phone number to keep the process speedy.


Refreshed Conversation Pages

We’ve moved components around to make sure the important information is always front and center:

  • No longer need to scroll for approval or booking buttons.
  • The special offer has moved next to the reply button.
  • Decline is now a link for less accidental declines.
  • Messages structured more like a typical conversation you would have via text message.
  • Pertinent information and verifications are now displayed up top.


Renter Dashboards

We’ve added a progress bar that makes it easy to see the items you need to complete before being able to rent. The new dashboard highlights important notifications, open inquiries and upcoming bookings are now organized and split up.

renter dash

Owner Dashboards

Similar to how we created a progress bar for renters, we’ve done the same for owners. This walks you through all the needed steps to get your boats ready to list. Once setup is complete, your dashboard will display your rental stats and income.

owner dash

We’ve also made a few other major improvements;

  • Brought back notifications so you easily know the important things to do next.


  • Reorganized the menus so you can easily see all messages, manage your boats, and update your account settings
  • Added a payout history so you can see your historical bookings and money made.

payout history

  • Consolidated all your bookings into one page. This way you’ll be able to easily see upcoming bookings as an owner or your trips if you are renting someone else’s boat!

bookings history

  • We’ve added permanent links to write a review (unless a review is completed, in which case it will say: review completed/view review), so no more searching for that email sent forever ago.


Managing Your Boats

For most owners, managing your boat was one of your least favorite things to do on Boatbound. That’s set to change with this major updates.

my boats

Here are all the upgrades:

  • Sidebar was reorganized and all the clutter was reduced.

sidebar org


  • One of our favorite updates is to the Calendar. The styles have been updated to better show pricing options and availability. In the coming months we’ll be rolling out advanced pricing which will make it even easier to set pricing for weekends, groups of days, or seasons.



  • Set your price was cleaned up to remove the insurance selected and make it easier to see both captained and non captained packages.
  • Fuel policy has been distilled down to just renter pays and owner pays.
  • We’ve changed some wording to make it easier for all renters to understand (ie. bathrooms not head).
  • We’ve created new sections for you to better describe your boat. This will help organize your boat profile and highlight certain information more clearly. Until you fill out these new sections they won’t show on your profile. Update them today!

descriptions improvement

User profiles

Profiles are now re-organized in a more cohesive way so it’s easier to read and find the most pertinent information.



Boat Listing Facelift

Later this year the boat listing process will be getting a full overhaul, but for now, we’ve just given it a pretty facelift.

profile photos



Favorites have received a refresh giving you a quick way to view and book boats on your wish list.


Questions? Contact our support crew us 24/7.